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Ozzie Wright Surfer, Artist, Musician – Profile

Oska Wright more commonly known as Ozzie Wright (as well as Ozzie Wrong) is the infamous Australian professional soul surfer, artist and bass player with punk rock garage band Goons of Doom. Ozzie Wright’s surfing style is a spontaneous mix of edgy tricks and manoeuvres often involving difficult aerial moves, though he is equally as home with more traditional styles of surfing including barrel riding.

He is perceived by many as a unique blend of surf star by day and rock star by night. Ozzie Wright is sponsored by Volcom and Santa Cruz Surf boards. The Volcom sponsorship covers a range of products including a clothing range which features some of Wright’s art, as well as the DVD 156 tricks. His band ‘The Goons of Doom’ are also signed to Volcom Entertainment.

Ozzie Wright
Ozzie Wright: Image courtesy of Volcom

The Santa Cruz sponsorship includes his own range of custom surfboards, which features his art. At the time of writing the main model is the Ozzie Wright Wing Swallow surfboard shaped by Chris Gallagher. the surfboard is available in 5’4, 5’8 and a 6’0 sizes with each surfboard featuring different graphics created by Wright. The surfboards are primarily designed for head high waves, though in his video 156 tricks Ozzie demonstrates a number of tricks achievable in much smaller surf ( see top right for the video).

DVDs you can buy featuring Ozzie Wright:

· 156 tricks
· Drive Thru New Zealand Surf DVD
· Drive Thru South Central America Surf DVD

Links to online videos featuring Ozzie Wright’s Surfing:

· Big Fat Whales
· 156 Tricks
· Barrel riding

Photos of Ozzie Wright:

· On Flickr
· On Volcom’s website

Music featuring Ozzie Wright:

As bass player of the band ‘Goons of Doom’ Ozzie Wright mixes his surfing career alongside both his art and musical commitments. His band the Goons of Doom to date have released the EP ‘Bikey Zomby’ (2005) the 16 track album ‘The Story of Dead Barbie & Ghost’  (2007) as well as their most recent work ‘I Hate My Hair & I Want To Die’ released in 2008. The band have toured extensively in Australia, New Zealand and more recently in 2009 across parts of the USA.

· Goons of Doom website
· ‘Cars’ by Goons of Doom
· ‘Art Books’ by Ozzie Wright
· Goons of Doom video on Gimby

Ozzie Wright’s Art:

Ozzie Wright’s art is quite cartoony but edgy in style – like a cross between Egon Schiele, Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein and Banksy. His art blends graffiti, pop art, a bit of manga and a strong line all in one. Featured on a range of Volcom fashion products and his DVD, Wright has held art exhibitions worldwide as well as working on a number of surfboard graphics. In addition to this he has created various pieces of artwork for his band The Goons of Doom.

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