Reubin Pearce wins Animal Open & Stokesy wins

Reuben Pearce wins 2009 Animal Open

Whilst high winds battered the UK coast on Saturday, Sunday turned into a much calmer affair which fortunately meant some great surf for the 2009 Animal Open held at Fistral Beach, Newquay. Surfers faced some challenging conditions and a number of surfboards were broken during the day’s heats, however whilst a jetski was on hand for emergencies the surfers made the most of the solid surf that Fistral beach served up.

To watch our video of the mens final award ceremony (as featured on see the video below:

The four finalists  Alan Stokes, Spencer Hargraves, Nathan Phillips and Reubin Pearce tackled some chunky overhead surf as the tide pushed in. Reubin Pearce was on top form and went on to win the final, in second place was Alan Stokes (who was also declared as winner of the 2009 UK Surf tour), Spencer Hargraves made third and Nathan Phillips fourth.

Animal Open Womens Final 2009
L-R Sophie Hellyer (3rd) Gabi Rowe (1st) & Zoe Sheath (2nd) – Animal Open Womens Final 2009

In the women’s event Gabi Rowe took first place with Zoe Sheath coming second. Sophile Hellyer placed third and Nicole Morgan was fourth place respectively.

Watch our video of the womens final awards ceremony below (Note Nicole Morgan’s broken surfboard as competitors battled with some sizeable surf).

For more info on the Animal Open you can also check out Carve Magazine’s report here

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