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Rip Curl Ricki the surfing dog
Rip Curl Ricki the surfing dog
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Whilst the surf at Fistral beach has been predominantly blown out by high winds this week I managed to come across some pretty fun surfy stuff. From a surfing dog (with her own website) to a new big wave spot in Newquay – as well as some pretty sick YouTube videos. So lets go!

1. Surf Dawg

Rip Curl Ricki is a surfing dog. She hangs 20 and even has her own website and FaceBook group you can join. This could of course only happen in America, where dog surfing comps are all the rage. This website did make be chuckle and I think everyone who checks out this surfing dog might be won over. By Thursday evening this story even made it from Twitter onto radio in Devon.

Check out Rip Curl Ricki’s website here:

2. Zorba Reef

This was an interesting article because everyone considers The Cribbar to be the only serious big wave spot along this part of the Cornish coast. However Zorba Reef apparently is another potentially huge big wave spot in Newquay that to date has been un-ridden.

Check out the article about Zorba Reef here

3. Florida Shark Attacks

There were quite a few shark attacks reported this week in Florida and when you hear stuff like this it makes you realise how safe our waters are in the UK and how lucky we are. I have found surfing in ‘Red Triangle’ type surf spots a tough one because some of the waves are amazing but at the same time you have to try and put the Shark factor to the back of your mind and hope for the best. A couple of surfers in Florida this week were not so lucky.

Read about the shark attacks here and here

4. Cool surfing videos on YouTube:

Some great surf videos this week and here are three of the best. One is some pretty crazy surfing in a wave pool, some great footage of Reubyn Ash from Bude surfing in Indo and also the Kite surfer, who dramatically jumped 100ft over Worthing pier!

And finally…Quote of the week:

“Surfing is very much like making love. It always feels good, no matter how many times you’ve done it” – Paul Strauch, Hawaii

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