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Kelly Slater – The greatest living surfer

Kelly Slater after winning a heat by by soulsurfer3
Kelly Slater after winning a heat

Kelly Slater – Profile

This American pro surfer is known for his dynamic and explosive surfing style and his record of championships.  Kelly Slater was born in Cocoa Beach, Florida, in 1972, with one older and one younger brother, both of whom also surf. His ancestry is Syrian and Chinese, and he was known as “Jack” as a child before he decided to use his middle name, Kelly.

Slater’s surfing style is known for its distinctive agility and aggression—while demonstrating uncompromising form and style, especially in smaller waves. Slater was a pioneer in adapting “skate style” to surfing—going for faster turns, big air and impressive tricks off every wave, rather than “carving” the waves in long, graceful arcs as his predecessors did.

He’s won the ASP World Champion title nine times, as well as the distinction of being both the youngest (at 20) and the oldest (at 36) to win the crown. In 2007, he won the Boost Mobile Pro event in San Clemente, California—making him the most decorated pro surfer in the world. He’s also the first surfer ever to be awarded two perfect scores under the two-wave ASP scoring system.


Kelly  Slater isn’t just a star on the water, though. He’s also made appearances on television, starring in numerous surf films and playing Jimmy Slade on Baywatch in approx 10 episodes. More recently, he made an appearance on the reality show The Girls Next Door, featuring the lives of women at the Playboy Mansion.


You can also hear Slater perform in his band, the Surfers, along with friends and fellow surfing pros Peter King and Rob Machado. Their only album, released in 1998, is called Songs From the Pipe. But Slater has made other musical appearances more recently, including concert and promotional video appearances with Pearl Jam, Ben Harper, and Shirley Manson.

Charity Work

Slater is dedicated to supporting ocean and reef preservation projects, as well as charity work worldwide. His own organization, the Kelly Slater Foundation, is devoted to providing financial support and raising public awareness of socially and environmentally responsible charities. His foundation provides support to charities that demonstrate a dedication to specific, achievable goals.

YouTube Videos Featuring Kelly Slater




* Photo of Kelly Slater by SoulSurfer3

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