Photo gallery of Surfers Surfing Waves at South Fistral, Newquay

On a Wednesday in July some decent sized surf rolled into Fistral beach out of the blue. When the wind started blowing a moderate cross/offshore the waves really started holding up and taking a nice shape – especially at the South end of Fistral.

In spite of a lot of rain and getting soaked 2-3 times over it was possible to grab a few half decent snaps of the surfers from the rocks.

I think my fave is the one of Jed Stone taken looking down over the breaking wave.

View of breaking wave from South Fistral
Jed Stone on a wave at South Fistral
Surfers dropping onto a wave
Two guys on a wave at South Fistral
Surfer girls jump off the rocks at South Fistral
Surfer boosts an air - view from back