Fistral Beach full of barells – Surfing in Newquay Video

Johnny fryer

On the evening of Wednesday Sept 1st Newquay saw the first of 4-days of epic surfing conditions which saw overhead waves and offshore winds combine with plenty of sunshine, that made Newquay’s surf spots look more like Hawaii’s North shore than a UK seaside town.

On Friday evening on the 3/9/10 the tide dropped, the sun began to set and some of the best local pro surfers hit the water…then Fistral began to barrel.

Watch the video below.

I climbed up onto the rocks at North Fistral and shot as much of these rare moments as I could. Filming with the sun in your eyes can be a bit tricky, but in this case was worth the effort 🙂 The result was the following video ( above). This video is also featured on the extreme sports website

I think everyone agreed the guy who got the barrel of the day was Mitch Corbett

Surfers featured in this video:

  • Johnny Fryer
  • Mitch Corbett
  • Olid Adams
  • Tom Earl
  • Matt Rodwell
  • Luke Dillon
  • Matt Caple
  • Eugene Tollemache
  • Russell Mullins
  • Chris Owen
  • Mark Harris

Videos you can buy featuring some of these UK surfers:

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