Video of Surfing on Fistral Beach, Newquay – Sept

Spencer Hargraves

Another video produced during a week of surf that saw some nice off-shore winds combine with sunshine and waves. Filmed primarily on two mornings at Fistral beach in Newquay I managed to capture a couple of the ‘older’ crowd showing everyone how its done.

Watch Grishka Roberts and Spencer Hargraves tear up Fistral beach alongside Mike Young who negotiates some heavy drops on his Santa Cruz pumpkin board.

Watch the video below

British Women’s champion Sarah Beardmore also pulled off some great turns on some pretty lively waves and watch out for a huge air boost by young Matt Rodwell, as well as longboarding featuring Candice O’ Donnell. For a while Fistral started looking like the North Shore of Hawaii – so the accompanying music by the legendary Who is suitably retro and mid seventies.  If you enjoy the track be sure to get yourself a copy of the awesome album Quadrophenia by The Who here

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