Surfing & Bodyboarding -Towan Backwash – Video & Gallery

With double to triple overhead waves smashing into Fistral beach and against the Cribbar rocks in Newquay on Tuesday the 5th of October – it was certainly no day for Captain Calamity to be at sea 🙂

With a pretty unfavourable wind making surfing at Fistral beach or at the Cribbar pretty impossible, the surfing action moved to Towan bay and the Harbour wall in Newquay.

Watch the video below!

The music featured in this video is the awesome track ‘Get a heart’ by The Drowning Men. You can buy their music on Amazon here.

As the tide came in the wedge and backwash at Towan bay made for some interesting conditions for surfers and bodyboarders in the water. The waves surged in and then back off the wall from the bay (as well as wedging across) so surfers were thrown up into the air or wiping out in some pretty random ways  – this made for an interesting spectacle for those watching from the safety of the shore! Below are some photos taken in between filming – mainly of the bodyboarders surfing the backwash and wedge at Towan Bay.

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