Photos: High Tide North Fistral & its offshore!!! Photo gallery

hi-tide-437We’ve been quite lucky this past few weeks with waves…nature decided, again…to bless Newquay with another day of offshore wind and decent swell , making for some nice waves on the whole – albeit a little strong on the wind front (blind take offs are fun to a point – but hey, you can’t have everything).

So today the surf at Fistral beach went from offshore knee high surf in the morning (perfect for the longboarders) to pumping hollow head high+ screaming fast left handers all afternoon – onto a head high plus extravaganza of hollow high tide waves and heavy shore dumping surf at sunset.

Check out the gallery !

We shan’t complain, and ok I admit it… I missed the morning surf… I figured I was a bit tired and it was a bit small, but I scored 2 hours of sick hollow left handers in the afternoon and felt a bit guilty I didn’t get to capture such fun conditions.

So I hoped to balance the artistic and visual karma out and I headed down to North Fistral for the last hour of what turned out to be a great Cornish sunset. A soft red-yellow light combined with some pumping heavy high tide hollow waves created just about the best conditions your gonna get for a while surfing at high tide here.

So all in all a good opportunity to arm yourself with a digital camera and shoot photos until your finger hurts…which is what I did. My finger literally got cramp…500+ photos later I realised in an hour or so I might have got a bit trigger happy – so the next 4 hours were then spent trying to narrow down what I photographed to the better 15 or so interesting shots for this blog.

This lot are the result – sunset, waves and high tide at Fistral beach, Newquay  – with some brave old surfers (and bodyboarders) going for it. I don’t know if in one hour you can create enough good photos to say ‘here guvnor look at my surfer portfolio’ – but maybe this might be as close as you can get? 🙂

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