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Rip Curl 360 Degree Matrix Style Video!

Don’t usually post 3rd party video here – but this is quite cool. If you haven’t seen the Mirage Boardshort Video by Rip Curl (which has some sick 360 degree shots of surfers in it) you can check it out below.

How is this done?

People seem to be fascinated by how you create this kind of footage – so will try and explain how it may have been done.

This technique was first made popular in the movie the Matrix with Point Break star Keanu Reeves…I think he was saving the world from evil people again.

Now you can get a 360 illusion with a single VR panoramic still and then quickly pan it from left to right across the screen – this creates a 3D type illusion that can look ok but only for a fraction of a second – it’s certainly not as impressive as what is going on here and as far as I’m aware there is no single 360 degree type camera that can create this effect on its own.

360 degree video has been around for many years. This is not to be confused with 3D. 360 video simply created a video version of what you could do with still 360 panoramic VRs. The video footage was streamed in an applet which the user could then scroll around to look left and right of the viewable area (as well as up and down).  This was a bit of a gimmick I feel and it never really took off in a big way. Maybe because it was i/ a bit pointless and ii/ made you a bit dizzy watching it – it also seemed to crash the browser too.

The way the effect with the surfer is achieved:

This cool 360 Matrix effect with the surfers I believe is a multiple camera job. The only way I can explain is to get bit geeky and use a graphic – see below.


To do a full 360 piece each camera shoots a still image all at the same time. So this could be say 25 cameras all shooting at relative angles. By taking the photo all at the same time this allows a 360 degree moment to be created. If you play back all of the stills one after the other (which for 25 photos would create a standard 1 sec – 25 frame standard video) the effect of the frames passing in front your eyes should look like the 360 degree style matrix footage. Thus camera 1 shot = frame 1, camera 2 shot = frame 2 and so on.

Now the practicalities of doing this as a full 360 with a surfer are limited and of course you would start having to hide the cameras if one was shooting opposite the other. So for practical purposes in this Rip Curl video only about 90-180 degrees is actually being shot and played back then it cuts  – there is no full 360 effect happening but the illusion is still creating the look nonetheless!

Not the easiest thing to copy on a budget – unless anyone else can figure out a way how? 🙂

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