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RIP Andy Irons

Andy Irons RIP

The surfing community is in mourning by the sudden death of 3x world champion Andy Irons. On Tuesday the 2nd of November 2010 the world began to hear the tragic and very sad news that legendary pro surfer and world surfing champion Andy Irons had suddenly died.

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Whilst Irons has in the past had issues relating to substance abuse… rumours that a drugs overdose in Miami, Florida took his life have not been confirmed. The Sydney Morning Herald has reported that those close to Irons dismiss he was battling a drug problem, yet authorities may be investigating the possibility, because according to the newspaper: “A quantity of methadone, plus other medication, was found on a bedside table in the Dallas hotel room in which the Hawaiian surfer was found dead”.

Another Australian newspaper takes a similar line with the article  “Drug theory on surf world champ’s death” as does a news piece entitled “Andy Irons’ death drug related?” on Breaking Global News.

All other international news sources at the time of writing however, have been in unanimous agreement that Irons died from Dengue fever on his way back to Hawaii from the WCT Rip Curl Pro Search in Puerto Rico. Irons had already withdrawn from the event due to illness and it is thought the disease was acquired in either Portugal or Puerto Rico… Dengue fever is transmitted by mosquitoes, which occur in the tropics and it is well known to be life-threatening.

Rip Curl officials said Irons withdrew Sunday, citing an illness he contracted during an event in Portugal. However Puerto Rico is known to have suffered an outbreak of Dengue fever in 2010 with 21,000 reported cases in 2010 v 3,326 in the previous year ( based on medical statistics, Puerto Rico on paper at least – looks like the more likely place to contract the illness…).

According to reports, he was too sick to board his flight from Dallas to Kauai so he had booked a hotel room…where he was later found dead.

Andy Irons leaves behind a pregnant wife, family and world full of friends and fans…he was a great surfer and will be sadly missed.

RIP Andy Irons

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