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Justin Lee Collins Learns to Surf – Sky TV show

JLC becomes a pro -surfer? Well sort of!

Some folks may have seen this when it was originally broadcast on Sky TV in 2009. Its Justin Lee Collins / JLC’s brave attempt to learn to surf from scratch and then enter a UK PST surf comp a few weeks later (having spent some time away from the ocean in between).

Silly idea? Yes… Impossible to compete with pros in that time? Well…Yes. But that said, there is some good stuff in here, and I think the comedian/ presenter does genuinely capture the essence of why people get drawn into surfing…especially in the early stages. It certainly helps to show the common battles any beginner faces in the water – physical and psychological.

Sure, there are a few cringy surfing cliches banded about here and there – but that’s entertainment for you. Overall its a feel good TV show on British surfing filmed at Watergate Bay, Newquay and North Devon. Making appearances are a few local Newquay folks too: Russell Winter, Chris Thomson of Errant as well as Josh Hughes – looking very fresh faced. The episode is on YouTube in 5 parts so I thought I’d just paste it all in one place to make it a bit easier to watch. Enjoy 🙂

Oh yeah…if you take a look you’ll see JLC is still listed on the UK Pro Surf Tour website >> here – haha

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