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Finding Good Surf Shops in Newquay

Finding a shop that sells a decent wetsuit or surfboard can be a tough task in many cities inland. Try buying a wetsuit and surfboard in Birmingham city centre and you’ll certainly have your work cut out. And when it comes to buying a wetsuit in particular, its important to be able to try them on so the online shopping option is not always a quick fix. Here’s why the good old surf store will always have its place…

Sometimes when people visit Newquay they seem at a loss to find the right shops for buying surf gear or hiring it, however Newquay has a number of great friendly surf shops that will look after your interests. If one shop doesn’t have what you need don’t be surprised if they direct you to one of their competitors who might be able to help. In order to make finding a board, wetsuit or surf kit to hire a little easier listed below on this page is the contact information for some of the best surf shops in Newquay as well as an interactive Google map.

To view a bigger version of the interactive map click here.

View Newquay Surf Shops in a larger map

Sunset Surf
106 Fore St, Newquay, TR7 1EY
01637 877 624

Surfers Paradise Surf Shop
64 Tower Road, Newquay TR7 1LY
01637 877373

76 Fore St, Newquay TR7 1EY
01637 875730

Dream Sessions
70 Fore Street, Newquay TR7 1EY
01637 873869

North Shore Surf Shop
36 Fore Street, Newquay TR7 1LP
01637 850620

Quiksilver Surf Shchool
9 Esplanade Road, Pentire, Newquay TR7 1PS
01637 851800

Bilbo Surf Shop (Formerly Tunnel Vision Shop)
6 Alma Place, Newquay  TR7 1NF
01637 879033

Custard Point (Formerly The Longboard House Shop)
4 Alma Place, Newquay TR7 1NF
01637 872579

Cliff Road, Newquay, TR7 2NE
01637 878880

Ocean Magic
11 Cliff Road, Newquay  TR7 2NE
01637 850071

Big Wednesday
13 Cliff Road, Newquay  TR7 2NE
01637 854460

Overhead Surf Co
19 Cliff Road Newquay  TR7 2NE
01637 850808

Anne’s Cottage
Unit 1, Fistral Beach Complex, Headland Road, Newquay
01637 872155

Fistral Beach Surf Hire
Fistral Beach Complex, Headland Road, Newquay

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  • New to Newquay

    Surely Newquay is over run by surf shops, and what with Quiksilver opening their most expensive store in Europe on Fistral beach and the Truro Quiksilver shop opening another shop in Newquay its going to be the same stuff everywhere isnt it!!!

  • To be honest I’d rather Newquay was over run with surf shops than novelty shops selling tat and lifeguard hoodies…but I hear what you say…some more culture and art in Newquay would be nice – maybe the town could be brightened up with a coat of paint like in the Dulux campaign?


  • What we would like to see is that surf shops in Newquay stock different surf gear to each other. This has happened for years and with the opening of more brand stores which only sell one surf brand you will find a better range of surf gear in independent surf shops like us! We dont have to shop with just one brand but like to pick the best from each brand we stock also introducing exciting new surf brands where we can.

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