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Surfing News Weekly Round Up – 3/5/2011

English Nationals Surf Competition Postponed

Well the bad news this weekend in Newquay was that the English Nationals at Watergate Bay was cancelled due to poor surf. It would be fair to say that the surf picked up a bit towards Saturday afternoon but the morning conditions from Friday through to Monday were pretty dire…
Read more on the BBC website here


Braa Boys, Slater & Taj surf OURS

Mark Mathews, Taj Burrow, Richie Vas and Kelly Slater Surf Ours. Some sick action in this video – the ‘invite only’ break looks particularly heavy and dangerous in this video footage by Jacob Wooden


The 2011 Billabong XXL awards held this week in California

The winners were:

  • Danilo Couto – Ride of the Year
  • Benjamin Sanchis – Biggest Wave
  • Shane Dorian – Monster Paddle
  • Shane Dorian – Monster Tube
  • Mark Mathews – Wipe-out of the Year
  • Keala Kennelly – Girls Overall Performance
  • Sion Milosky – Mens Overall Performance

Check out Benjamin Sanchis’ biggest wave video on the Billabong XXL website here


Sally Fitzgibbons makes ASP Women’s World No. 1 position

20 year old Sally Fitzgibbons is on fire at the moment. After her convincing win at Bells Beach a couple of weeks ago the young surfer has gone on to win the ASP Subaru Pro TSB Bank Women’s Surf Festival in Taranaki, New Zealand. ASP rookie Tyler Wright (who is still only 17) is also looking like one to watch this year with a 3rd place finish.

Read more on Surfer here

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