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‘The Hunks’ TV show filming locations map in Newquay & people ask: ‘The Hunks’…are they gay?

This week I received a few emails about ‘The Hunks’ TV show. They included questions about when and where it was filmed in Newquay. If you’ve not seen the show before it features the lives of 10 guys (Andy, Dom, Florian, Idris, Jamie, Marc, Sam, Samy, Sean and Vaughan) all holidaying together in Newquay. Check out the Google map below – this shows some of the key locations used in the TV show.


View The Hunks TV Show Location Tour in Newquay in a larger map

Where ‘The Hunks’ TV show was filmed:

The show was filmed in the summer of last year in 2010. The show was filmed all around Newquay, from Lusty Glaze all the way down to Fistral beach.

‘The Hunks’ apartments:

‘The Hunks’ apartments were in the Rockwells apartment block – this is just above Pizza Express. This block overlooks Tolcarne beach and some of the beach footage is shot on Tolcarne beach below those apartments.

The bars and clubs:

Most of the night time action is shot in the bars and clubs of Newquay. Venues that have been shown include: The Shack, Chy Bar, Beach Bar, Kahuna on Tolcarne beach and ‘The Beach’ nightclub.

Where did ‘The Hunks’ go surfing, coasteering and abseiling?

When ‘The Hunks’ went surfing they had their lesson with the BSA on Fistral beach and they were taught be Tommy. The abseiling segment was filmed at Lusty Glaze beach in Newquay – Lusty Glaze beach is sort of an activity centre hot spot these days it seems…

When ‘The Hunks’ went on their coasteering cliff-jumping lesson this was conducted off the Newquay Headland and their coach in the show was my mate Bernie. From memory the body-boarding lesson looked like it was filmed in one of the bay beaches – possibly Tolcarne.

Are ‘The Hunks’ gay?

I have seen this asked a fair bit and the level of vanity the guys seem to illustrate combined with their grooming procedures and pseudo homo-erotic exercise regimes seems to have got lots of people questioning their sexuality. Apparently only one of them is openly gay and that is Dominic…you can decide what you think about the others.

‘The Hunks’ is shown on Tuesdays at 10pm on Sky Living.

What do you think about ‘The Hunks’ TV show?

Is it bad for Newquay or just harmless entertainment? Let us know!

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  • Carlongton

    Idris is so gay he is even more gay than dom

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