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Surf brands not popular with looters and rioters?

I’m always fascinated by trends…what consumers buy into, their current shopping tastes and so on. This data is usually taken from sales, and then used to market more product at people.

However in the last few days it seems that due to all the rioting in London, Liverpool, Birmingham, Manchester, Bristol etc… a new sort of buying trend has emerged…looting.

Now with looting its not been possible to measure sales…

“Goods have flown off the shelves in record time…but no one paid.”

And with no till receipts popularity can only be measured by a broken window…or a fire.

I guess consumer rights no longer apply…

Some have suggested that the trend is a new inner-city wealth re-distribution program at the expense of major shops, and it looks like the surf and skate brands are not popular with the majority of rioters and looters.

Check out the ‘Top of the Shops’ looted list below.

Click for larger version

The stores hit for clothing tend to be more traditional sports merchandise and it looks like surf fashion doesn’t resonate with the youths who have taken to the streets.

So where are the surf brands going wrong? Or right…I guess it depends on how you look at it. But it begs the question:

“Is surf fashion not edgy enough for the inner-city youth of today?”

Let us know what you think in the comments below

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