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Who are your top tips for Billabong Pro at Teahupoo Tahiti?

With round 1 done and a few lay-days down, according to Surfline, the surf is meant to get pretty massive at this week’s Billabong Pro surf comp at Teahupoo!

Surfline.com forecast for this week at Teahupoo

Commentators are talking about whether the event may need to get called off on the biggest days – or whether the competitors will be allowed to tow-in…could that really happen?

Well who do you fancy for the event? Suddenly who you’d back might change if the waves are really big.

The small wave aerial rippers might not be the obvious choice…

I’d always wager Kelly Slater could do well big or small, but could this be a good comp for the Hobgoods? CJ was killing it in round 1.

And what about veteran surfer Taylor Knox? He’s now 40, but still fit, he’s still on tour and he likes the big stuff.

Or maybe young gun Julian Wilson coud have his day… he seems to froth at the thought of sizeable surf.


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