Is CBD Snake Oil or Great For Surfers?

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Disclaimer: You must be 18 years or older to purchase CBD products. CBD products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. For medical conditions see your doctor. If you are undergoing any treatment, speak to your GP before taking CBD.

cbd and surfing graphic photo

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few months you’ve probably read, heard or seen something in the news about CBD.

CBD is derived from the cannabis plant. It’s actually one of over 100 chemical compounds knows as cannibinoids which are found in cannabis. But is it of any use to surfers?

CBD is different to the cannabis most surfers will know as it does not get you ‘high’. The psycho-active ingredient in cannabis which causes the ‘high’ is THC. This is removed for CBD products. Only a very tiny trace amount of THC remains. This must always be under 0.2% for the CBD to be legal in Europe.

CBD can be produced in every way cannabis might be. If you’ve ever been to the Netherlands or more recently to Canada or any of the progressive US states where cannabis is legal you’ll have some ideas about how the product can be sold and consumed.

CBD can be sold as a vape, sweets, honey, supplements, biscuits, oils, beer, rum, waxes and so on.

CBD can be consumed in pretty much every way that you might consume cannabis.

CBD law in the UK means it is not classified as a medicine. As such sellers and brands should not make medical claims about their product. As far as the EU is concerned its a novel food and you can’t make medical claims about novel foods right?

Yet, this hasn’t stopped many thousands of people claiming publicly how its helped them with a range of conditions. The common ones being that its relaxing (so it may help some with anxiety and depression) or that it might offer pain relief to some users. Though it is early days. There are currently no medical studies to back this up that the EU recognises to have been performed in an efficacious, legal way.

Disclaimer: The following information regarding CBD is not to be construed as medical advice or instruction. This article is meant as parody.

When Might CBD Be Great For Surfers

#Scenario 1

You’ve had to park 2 miles away from the beach and walked barefoot on a gravelly path. You thought things couldn’t get any worse as you finally walk through the dues onto the beach and as you get closer to the water you see broken boards on the beach and no one around them. All you can see for miles are solid double overhead Hossegor style closeouts.

A summary of the problem:

  • Feet hurting like you wouldn’t believe from walking on gravel whilst carrying a surfboard for 2 miles.
  • Anxious about the the double overhead ‘death on a stick’ waves and the graveyard of broken boards.
  • Depressed about having to walk back on the gravelly path barefoot.

With this type of head-space you might even start worrying that someone could be stealing your car too as you’re so in the middle of nowhere, but best to keep a lid on that for now.


A powerful and fast acting CBD solution is needed in these situations.

You want to help reduce pain in your feet and the anxiety from seeing such sh*t surf.

If you’re prepared to sack off the idea of surfing entirely, then a powerful smoke or vape solution may be the only answer. It’s unlikely you’ll be carrying a bong or dab rig so some sort of hand held vape or pipe could hit the spot. Obviously don’t leave any litter on the beach.

If you’re determined to get in regardless of the conditions – then some topical CBD oil for your feet ( you can also use it after on inevitable injuries) and plenty of drops of high strength CBD tincture under the tongue for the anxiety.

#Scenario 2

You’ve popped down to you’re local break with a new surfboard you’ve just bought. You’re a bit late on your rent as a result and you haven’t told your girlfriend yet that you’ve spent your half of the monthly rent on a killer stick and in the rush to leave the house you forgot to do the dishes. However, the surf looks great – so you run into the water and paddle out to line up. On the way out someone with an SUP abandons their board just as a set waves closes out and it comes charging towards you. You try and protect yourself but it hits you on the head and dings the nose of your new board. The SUP-er apologies. But you have a bump on the head and dinged board. You try and ignore what’s happened as the surf is so good and join the line up. Now a nice set wave comes in and you have priority. But then someone from out of town drops in on the wave. You try and give him a polite whistle to kick off the wave as you have priority, but instead they turn around, flick you the Vs and continue to surf the rest of the wave badly – ‘wasting the true potential of the wave’.

A summary of the problem:

In the unlikelyhood you were thinking ahead and took some CBD edibles out into the water with you – now would be the time to take them. The realistic option is to head back to the beach to select the right CBD options – which you’ll want to have in your car.

There are a few issues to address.

  • Anxiety. As you spent your money on a new surfboard and now can’t pay the rent.
  • Nervous. Your girlfriend doesn’t know about this yet, and you have to tell her. Plus your girlfriend may be be super-pissed off you didn’t do the washing up before going surfing. This was the only thing she asked you to do before she left for work.
  • Depressed. The SUP dinged your new board.
  • Pain. From the SUP hitting your head and arm.
  • Stressed & Angry. Someone dropped in on you, didn’t kick out and then flicked you the Vs.


You need the relaxing effects CBD can offer quickly. The solution could be an immediate vape or smoke of CBD perhaps using something like a high powered 200 watt+ mod vape with a large atomiser tank. A high concentration of CBD you can smoke quickly and easily might hit the spot. CBD wax or crumble could also would work well here too.

You could use topical CBD oil for any muscle pain and CBD tincture oil for some slow working internal relaxation. Though this may not be enough for what has just happened and extreme action may be necessary,

You could crack open a bottle of CBD Rum and try and forget about what just happened – just don’t drink and drive!

As you can see there are many powerful uses for CBD and whilst there is no medical evidence to prove it, it may be a great solution for some of the emotional or physical challenges a modern surfer faces.

What say you?

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