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When most people think of Iceland they think of skidoos, the northern lights and Bjork. I guess if you are a bit more musically minded, you may also think of  Sigur Ros too...either way surfing, is not really something people associate with Iceland. I've visited Iceland before, but this October I was on a mission [...]

Lots of people try out surfing and usually they get the bug and want to get better...perhaps hoping one day they might rip like Newquay's Alan Stokes (pic above) However not everyone lives by the beach, and not everyone can surf regularly. So a common question is ‘How can I improve?’ I believe surfing is [...]

Most of August gets very busy in the water in Newquay, so here are a few pointers in finding a surf spot if you want to free surf. Its important to appreciate that about 1/3 or more of the beach can be allocated to surf comps when they run. If they are not running then [...]

Each country has its own variable conditions with different coastlines...with the changing seasons thrown into the mix having the right type of surfboard can make the difference, between having a fun surf and a frustrating one. Can you really have a one-board quiver in the UK and surf 90% of the time? Now I surf [...]

Thumbnail image of map of Newquay

Finding a shop that sells a decent wetsuit or surfboard can be a tough task in many cities inland. Try buying a wetsuit and surfboard in Birmingham city centre and you'll certainly have your work cut out. And when it comes to buying a wetsuit in particular, its important to be able to try them [...]

Ok, you’ve had a lesson/s and decided your hooked on learning to surf and want to buy your first board. So what should you buy?... Some surf shop staff will give you objective advice, others will sell you a board that they want to sell that will get them more commission...or even worse, you might [...]