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The day before the sea mist crept in. The sky looked pretty interesting and it was the first decent surf for a few weeks in Newquay so there were a few folks on the beach. Photos taken on the 23/5/2012.        

Sea Mist & Surfers  – Fistral Beach thumbnail

On May 24th in Newquay it was a warm spring day and for most of the towns and villages inland in Cornwall, it stayed that way all day. However along the coast it was a different matter... At around midday a thick sea mist blew onto the coast reducing visibility dramatically. Most beaches were red [...]

Big wave surfing video at the Cribbar Newquay thumbnail

The Cribbar breaks rarely...perhaps a few times a year... if you're lucky...Unless you live close to Newquay and keep a keen eye on the surf reports the chances are, you could miss it. The reason it breaks so rarely isn't (as far as I'm aware) about voodoo or spells, it is just that a lot [...]

Russell Winter wins Nike 6.0 night surf thumbnail

The Nike 6.0 night surf attracted a huge crowd tonight on Fistral beach for the finals. The big news was Russell Winter's victory and Ben Skinner - who managed to land a fantastic air on a longboard during the finals! The organisation and planning of the event by Nike was pretty impressive. A large stage [...]

Newquay Surfer’s photos from Nike 6.0 cash for tricks thumbnail

This year's night surf event was sponsored by Nike 6.0 and held at Fistral beach, Newqauay on the 8-9th of July. As part of the event a 'Cash for tricks' competition was run - this format encourages surfers to try out radical manoeuvres, with their best 3 moves counted as the surfers overall score. Local [...]

Sunset & Surf – Fistral Beach, Newquay 17/4/2011 thumbnail

With some nice clean waves, offshore wind and sunshine...there's some pretty nice light at the end of the days too. Here are some pictures from this evening taken at Fistral beach. The first one was one of those 'happy accidents' when sunset, low angle shot and the surfer sort of aligned - haha. In the [...]