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Below are some images of the Newquay Headland at exactly this time last year in 2010…We had a couple of pretty awesome sunsets this time last year and from memory the sea water was a fair bit warmer than it is this year…But hey, with a bit of luck it’ll soon warm up quickly with [...]

After over a month of pretty flat and very cold conditions Boxing day and the 27th of Dec 2010 saw a decent swell finally hit the North Cornwall coast combined with offshore winds. Inspite of the icy cold water and solid head high + conditions plenty of surfers were out braving the cold waves. Below [...]

The temperatures have dropped a fair bit in Newquay, Cornwall this week. On Saturday morning even those of us living on the coast woke up to a blanket of snow. By mid morning a fair few surfers were in the water as some fairly clean waist – chest high waves rolled in at Fistral. The [...]

In spring and late early winter time the light can get very dramatic here in North Cornwall and tonight was no exception.  It’s a pity the surf has been flat… because having some bigger waves and surfers to photograph in this light could have been pretty sick – but nevertheless this Winter sunset still created [...]

Images from the 2010 animal open surf competition at Fistral beach, Newquay. Includes pics of Mark ‘Egor’ Harris, Gwen Spurlock, Laura Crane, Nicole Morgan, Jo Dennison, Beth Mason, Micah Lester, Jayce Robinson, Reubin Ash, Toby Donachie and 2010 womens winner Tassy Swallow & mens open winner – Reubin Pearce…

We’ve been quite lucky this past few weeks with waves…nature decided, again…to bless Newquay with another day of offshore wind and decent swell , making for some nice waves on the whole – albeit a little strong on the wind front (blind take offs are fun to a point – but hey, you can’t have [...]