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The 6 hardest men of surfing

The 6 hardest men of surfing thumbnail

Surfing is a sport fuelled by passionate individuals, but sometimes the passion can spill over...onto the streets, onto the beach, into competition heats…and even into parties. In the world of surfing there are some that can blow your mind with their speed, power and flow...then chill your blood with their tough-guy reputation. These are the [...]

57½ reasons why people surf!

57½ reasons why people surf! thumbnail

The American philosopher Jim Rohn once said that 'reasons come first...answers come second' and this idea lead me to a big question...why do we surf? Is it for the adrenalin rush surfing gives you, or a pursuit for inner peace? Is it escape from the daily grind or the fact that you can enter into [...]

There has been a real surge in the popularity of stand up paddle boarding in the last few years. The sport has become more and more popular in Cornwall and perhaps nowhere more so than in Newquay. With some talented local SUP-ers and shapers based in the town, the sport has gone from strength to [...]

Ok, you’ve had a lesson/s and decided your hooked on learning to surf and want to buy your first board. So what should you buy?... Some surf shop staff will give you objective advice, others will sell you a board that they want to sell that will get them more commission...or even worse, you might [...]

Surfing & Bodyboarding -Towan Backwash – Video & Gallery thumbnail

With double to triple overhead waves smashing into Fistral beach and against the Cribbar rocks in Newquay on Tuesday the 5th of October - it was certainly no day for Captain Calamity to be at sea :-) With a pretty unfavourable wind making surfing at Fistral beach or at the Cribbar pretty impossible, the surfing [...]

Image thumbnail link to Video of surfing in Newquay featuring Mike Young, Grishka Roberts and more

Another video produced during a week of surf that saw some nice off-shore winds combine with sunshine and waves. Filmed primarily on two mornings at Fistral beach in Newquay I managed to capture a couple of the 'older' crowd showing everyone how its done. Watch Grishka Roberts and Spencer Hargraves tear up Fistral beach alongside [...]