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Animal Open 2010 Womens Surf Competition at Fistral Beach thumbnail

Video footage of the women’s 2010 Animal surf competition held at Fistral beach, Newquay. The video includes surfers Tassy Swallow (1st( who won the competition  – as well as Joanne Dennison (2nd), Beth Mason (3rd) and Nicole Morgan (4th place). It also features Gabi Rowe receiving her award for highest scored wave as well as [...]

Images from the 2010 animal open surf competition at Fistral beach, Newquay. Includes pics of Mark ‘Egor’ Harris, Gwen Spurlock, Laura Crane, Nicole Morgan, Jo Dennison, Beth Mason, Micah Lester, Jayce Robinson, Reubin Ash, Toby Donachie and 2010 womens winner Tassy Swallow & mens open winner – Reubin Pearce…

RIP Andy Irons

The surfing community is in mourning by the sudden death of 3x world champion Andy Irons. On Tuesday the 2nd of November 2010 the world began to hear the tragic and very sad news that legendary pro surfer and world surfing champion Andy Irons had suddenly died. Watch a photographic tribute to Andy Irons on [...]

Image thumbnail link to Video of surfing in Newquay featuring Mike Young, Grishka Roberts and more

Another video produced during a week of surf that saw some nice off-shore winds combine with sunshine and waves. Filmed primarily on two mornings at Fistral beach in Newquay I managed to capture a couple of the ‘older’ crowd showing everyone how its done. Watch Grishka Roberts and Spencer Hargraves tear up Fistral beach alongside [...]

Still images from the 2010 Quiksilver British Championship

Below are a selection of stills rendered from film footage shot at the British Championship this year. The images include Newquay’s Oli Adams,  Sarah Beardmore, Nicole Morgan, Johnny Fryer, Jayce Robinson , Toby Donachie and more. Hey if you have a blog or surf news site and your stuck for a pic for a blog [...]

Ben Skinner Video and profile

Newquay Surfer video of local surfer and longboarder Ben Skinner. You could also add… shortboarder, retro fish rider, big wave charger and surfboard shaper to the mix cos Ben Skinner is a talented one to say the least, but for this video he’s longboarding on mellow little waves. Includes slow motion footage of Ben Skinner [...]