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Big wave surfing video at the Cribbar Newquay thumbnail

The Cribbar breaks rarely...perhaps a few times a year... if you're lucky...Unless you live close to Newquay and keep a keen eye on the surf reports the chances are, you could miss it. The reason it breaks so rarely isn't (as far as I'm aware) about voodoo or spells, it is just that a lot [...]

Surfing News Weekly Round Up – 3/5/2011 thumbnail

Well the bad news this weekend in Newquay was that the English Nationals at Watergate Bay was cancelled due to poor surf. It would be fair to say that the surf picked up a bit towards Saturday afternoon but the morning conditions from Friday through to Monday were pretty dire... Read more on the BBC [...]

Some folks may have seen this when it was originally broadcast on Sky TV in 2009. Its Justin Lee Collins / JLC's brave attempt to learn to surf from scratch and then enter a UK PST surf comp a few weeks later (having spent some time away from the ocean in between). Silly idea? Yes... [...]

Animal Open 2010 Womens Surf Competition at Fistral Beach thumbnail

Video footage of the women's 2010 Animal surf competition held at Fistral beach, Newquay. The video includes surfers Tassy Swallow (1st( who won the competition  - as well as Joanne Dennison (2nd), Beth Mason (3rd) and Nicole Morgan (4th place). It also features Gabi Rowe receiving her award for highest scored wave as well as [...]

Don't usually post 3rd party video here - but this is quite cool. If you haven't seen the Mirage Boardshort Video by Rip Curl (which has some sick 360 degree shots of surfers in it) you can check it out below. How is this done? People seem to be fascinated by how you create this [...]

Surfing & Bodyboarding -Towan Backwash – Video & Gallery thumbnail

With double to triple overhead waves smashing into Fistral beach and against the Cribbar rocks in Newquay on Tuesday the 5th of October - it was certainly no day for Captain Calamity to be at sea :-) With a pretty unfavourable wind making surfing at Fistral beach or at the Cribbar pretty impossible, the surfing [...]