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cribbar ben skinner

Big wave surfing video at the Cribbar Newquay

The Cribbar breaks rarely…perhaps a few times a year… if you’re lucky…Unless you live close to Newquay and keep a keen eye on the surf reports the chances are, you could miss it. The reason it breaks so rarely isn’t (as far as I’m aware) about voodoo or spells, it is just that a lot of factors have to come into play simultaneously in order to create the right conditions.


Good surfable waves at the Cribbar are not just about a big swell, but also about the swell direction, the wind speed, and direction of that wind…all of these things come into play. Once you have all of these things happening, the next ingredient you need are surfers skilled and crazy enough to surf it!

On the 30th of October it was one of those lucky days.

When I got up I noticed that even the weather was exceptionally warm for the time year. As I looked out of my window I could see large crowds gathering up on the headland. I left the flat and was glad I bothered to lug a heavy camcorder and tripod up the headland, because when I looked down over Cribbar rocks mother nature had decided to conjure up near perfect big wave surf conditions.

30ft faces smashed down a 100m away, there were bright blue skies and the atmosphere was electric. People hooted and cheered, it was like a Cornish version of Half Moon Bay, this was our Mavericks.

And to top it all there were guys like Ben Skinner and Richie Sills, amped up to tow in to monster waves.

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7 Tips to Help You Learn to Surf Better

Lots of people try out surfing and usually they get the bug and want to get better…perhaps hoping one day they might rip like Newquay’s Alan Stokes (pic above)

However not everyone lives by the beach, and not everyone can surf regularly. So a common question is ‘How can I improve?’

I believe surfing is different to some other sports. The amount of time you need to spend physically learning is quite high, so anything you can do to improve little by little is important.

Here are 7 tips on how you can begin to improve your surfing…

1. Make sure you have the right kit

If you are learning to surf you need to be warm enough. So to ensure you can stay in the water as long as possible, a good wetuit is a must.

In addition to this you will usually want to learn on a soft foam surfboard with lots of volume.

If you are learning to surf and weigh anywhere between 120 -200lbs you should opt to learn on a foam surfboard between 7ft and 9ft long for the first 10-20 sessions.

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Johnny Fryer lay back

Surfing on busy days in Newquay

Busy times in Newquay are upon us

Most of August gets very busy in the water in Newquay, so here are a few pointers in finding a surf spot if you want to free surf.

Surfing at Fistral beach:

What usually happens at BM - Click image for larger version.

Its important to appreciate that about 1/3 or more of the beach can be allocated to surf comps when they run. If they are not running then you can surf at North Fistral.

Free surfing is permitted on Fistral generally, but not in the red and yellow flags which is for swimming and bodyboarders.

If you don’t realise that red and yellow flags mean no surfing and are a designated area for swimming and bodyboarding only… you should probably not be surfing on your own. Sign up for surf lessons!

It is usually less busy at low tides and more busy at high tide, as the waves tend to break closer to the shore – pushing free surfers into a smaller take off zone.

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Russell Winter wins Nike 6.0 night surf

The Nike 6.0 night surf attracted a huge crowd tonight on Fistral beach for the finals. The big news was Russell Winter’s victory and Ben Skinner – who managed to land a fantastic air on a longboard during the finals!

The organisation and planning of the event by Nike was pretty impressive. A large stage was built for bands at North Fistral, and a big screen was put up so folks could watch the surfing.

There was some pretty entertaining commentary from Sam Lamiroy and Lee Bartlett. Also, I don’t think I have seen so many video cameras put to use for a surf event at Fistral…any post event footage should be pretty slick.

Whatever Nike did as their marketing for this event, it worked. It’d be fair to say that it was probably the largest crowd watching a surfing final most people had seen in the UK. From the womens final, through to the longboard event, cash for tricks and mens open final the crowds kept coming. The prize purse for surfers was also quite impressive too…You have to hand it to them, Nike certainly know how to do a surf comp in style…maybe they should sponsor Boardmasters next year.

The winners of the surf competition were as follows:

Mens Open: Russell Winter

Womens Open: Amy Stewart

Cash for Tricks: Reubyn Ash

Mens Longboard: Ben Skinner

Check out the gallery of photos below ( click on images for larger version).

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Newquay Surfer’s photos from Nike 6.0 cash for tricks

This year’s night surf event was sponsored by Nike 6.0 and held at Fistral beach, Newqauay on the 8-9th of July. As part of the event a ‘Cash for tricks’ competition was run – this format encourages surfers to try out radical manoeuvres, with their best 3 moves counted as the surfers overall score.

Local surfers Alan Stokes, Oli Adams, Johnny Fryer and Bude’s Reubyn Ash were there to rip and entertain in small Fistral surf. Simply click on the thumbnail images below for the larger version.

Reubyn Ash photographed on the way into his heat

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