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The 6 hardest men of surfing

Surfing is a sport fuelled by passionate individuals, but sometimes the passion can spill over…onto the streets, onto the beach, into competition heats…and even into parties.

In the world of surfing there are some that can blow your mind with their speed, power and flow…then chill your blood with their tough-guy reputation.

These are the guys you do not want to cross. They can carve a perfect line, but they aren’t scared to deliver a swift blow when required either.

Drop in on them? You’d have to have to be insane – or have a death wish…

Either way, it won’t end well…

So in no particular order here are Newquay Surfer’s top 6 tough guys of surfing.

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Love big waves? Check out the Sun!

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Credit: NASA/SDO/Astrophysical Journal Letters via ScienceDaily

Ok so it may not be specifically ‘surf’ related news, but NASA has just discovered waves the size of the United States of America!

Admittedly the waves might be a little to hot to surf (and a bit big!) but if you’re at all interested in how the universe works then these truly god-sized waves are said to be the key to unlocking many mysteries.

Since Scientists know how waves work in the water, they are now attempting to apply this same knowledge to the sun’s waves in order to understand the corona and how it works.

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Should there be more random drug testing in surfing?

Chances are that unless you’ve had your head in the sand, or live in the Isles of Scilly, you’ll be aware of the untimely death of surfing legend Andy Irons in November last year.

This week a toxicology report was released showing that there were various class A drugs in his system when he died.

It should never be forgotten what a great surfer Andy Irons was…however at the time of his death he was competing at the top level of surfing on World Tour events, and this begs the question:

“How could a top surfer take so many drugs, and the ASP organizers and sponsors not know?”

Aside from the moral issues about taking illegal drugs, the reason Andy Irons took the drugs he did may have had nothing at all to do with enhancing his chances of winning surf competitions. However some of the drugs found in his system were technically performance enhancing…increasing alertness, confidence, concentration and so on.

Is it OK to take drugs, or is it ‘cheating’?

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Andy Irons death – Heart attack from drugs overdose

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Yesterday the official Andy Irons (RIP) autopsy and toxicology report was released. Since his death on the 2nd November 2010, there have been a lot of rumours surrounding the cause of his untimely death. First dengue fever, then a possible prescription drugs overdose…

Andy Irons was a great surfer and will always be missed, at the time of his death his widow Lyndie was 8 months pregnant with Andy’s son to be (Andy Axel Irons).

Due to the media circus surrounding his death, a court injunction was sought in order for Lyndie to give birth in peace.

This week, a 13-page toxicology report has surfaced and two ‘independent’ forensic experts have interpreted the report.

Here’s what they concluded…

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2011 US open of surfing is now the Nike US open of surfing

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More than 500,000 people are expected to show up at Huntington Beach (Surf City), California, between July 30th and August 7th, as the Nike US Open of Surfing takes place.

The even formerly known as the US open of surfing has now been renamed the ‘Nike US open of surfing’.

Nike are offering up a $460,000 prize fund to the best surfers in the world, making this a key event in the ASP World Tour for men and women alike. It brings together the best in every field, uniting musicians, surfers, athletes and artists to ensure this is an unforgettable surf festival on the surfing circuit.

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Surfing boom amongst the over 40 crowd

Local legend Jed Stone shows the youngsters how to surf big Fistral

Although many consider surfing to be a young people’s sport, there’s increasing evidence to show that more and more men and women are taking up surfing as a hobby once they turn 40 and especially after retirement.

In fact, half of the 120 members at the all-female Wahine Kai Surf Club, Huntington Beach, are over 40, and although most are beginner surfers, they’re no less enthusiastic. Surfing is hooking everyone, of every age, but it’s also attracting men and women after retirement, or at least when they begin to see past the restrictions of their usual work-life.

A contributing editor at Outside magazine surmised: “Maybe you decide there’s something more than just working… You say, ‘I’m not going to live forever. Maybe it’s time to pursue some of those other dreams.’”

It seems this may very well be the philosophy that people are living by now, and whereby the appeal of surfing was once only seen by young, fit, hot bodies with blonde hair, the sport has taken on a new meaning amongst people of all ages and from all backgrounds.

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