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Big wave surfing video at the Cribbar Newquay

The Cribbar breaks rarely…perhaps a few times a year… if you’re lucky…Unless you live close to Newquay and keep a keen eye on the surf reports the chances are, you could miss it. The reason it breaks so rarely isn’t (as far as I’m aware) about voodoo or spells, it is just that a lot of factors have to come into play simultaneously in order to create the right conditions.


Good surfable waves at the Cribbar are not just about a big swell, but also about the swell direction, the wind speed, and direction of that wind…all of these things come into play. Once you have all of these things happening, the next ingredient you need are surfers skilled and crazy enough to surf it!

On the 30th of October it was one of those lucky days.

When I got up I noticed that even the weather was exceptionally warm for the time year. As I looked out of my window I could see large crowds gathering up on the headland. I left the flat and was glad I bothered to lug a heavy camcorder and tripod up the headland, because when I looked down over Cribbar rocks mother nature had decided to conjure up near perfect big wave surf conditions.

30ft faces smashed down a 100m away, there were bright blue skies and the atmosphere was electric. People hooted and cheered, it was like a Cornish version of Half Moon Bay, this was our Mavericks.

And to top it all there were guys like Ben Skinner and Richie Sills, amped up to tow in to monster waves.

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Love big waves? Check out the Sun!

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Credit: NASA/SDO/Astrophysical Journal Letters via ScienceDaily

Ok so it may not be specifically ‘surf’ related news, but NASA has just discovered waves the size of the United States of America!

Admittedly the waves might be a little to hot to surf (and a bit big!) but if you’re at all interested in how the universe works then these truly god-sized waves are said to be the key to unlocking many mysteries.

Since Scientists know how waves work in the water, they are now attempting to apply this same knowledge to the sun’s waves in order to understand the corona and how it works.

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Surfing & Bodyboarding -Towan Backwash – Video & Gallery

With double to triple overhead waves smashing into Fistral beach and against the Cribbar rocks in Newquay on Tuesday the 5th of October – it was certainly no day for Captain Calamity to be at sea 🙂

With a pretty unfavourable wind making surfing at Fistral beach or at the Cribbar pretty impossible, the surfing action moved to Towan bay and the Harbour wall in Newquay.

Watch the video below!

The music featured in this video is the awesome track ‘Get a heart’ by The Drowning Men. You can buy their music on Amazon here.

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