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Surfing boom amongst the over 40 crowd

Local legend Jed Stone shows the youngsters how to surf big Fistral

Although many consider surfing to be a young people’s sport, there’s increasing evidence to show that more and more men and women are taking up surfing as a hobby once they turn 40 and especially after retirement.

In fact, half of the 120 members at the all-female Wahine Kai Surf Club, Huntington Beach, are over 40, and although most are beginner surfers, they’re no less enthusiastic. Surfing is hooking everyone, of every age, but it’s also attracting men and women after retirement, or at least when they begin to see past the restrictions of their usual work-life.

A contributing editor at Outside magazine surmised: “Maybe you decide there’s something more than just working… You say, ‘I’m not going to live forever. Maybe it’s time to pursue some of those other dreams.’”

It seems this may very well be the philosophy that people are living by now, and whereby the appeal of surfing was once only seen by young, fit, hot bodies with blonde hair, the sport has taken on a new meaning amongst people of all ages and from all backgrounds.

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